A Tour of the Oldest Vacants in Baltimore

April 7, 2016

Vacant buildings in Baltimore have been in the news here lately, first with Governor Hogan earmarking some cash to start knocking some of these things down, and then this past week with wind toppling some of the structures and in one case killing a man. It came to light that some of these things are so unstable that the city inspects them every 10 days. The Brew even pointed out that these buildings are too close for comfort to schools, a point I made quite a while ago though not necessarily because of wind. Quick reminder: there are about 17,000 of these things in Baltimore.

Below is a look at the 25 of them with the oldest vacant building notice dates. Some of these have notice dates of 20 years are more, with the oldest being from 1990 (although I had trouble locating this structure - see below). For more of this stuff, be sure to check out Baltimore Slumlord Watch.

Locations of 25 buildings with the oldest notice dates. Click on a location for more information.
List of 25 buildings with the oldest notice dates.

Here are the five with the oldest notice dates.

3314 Tate St. (Notice Date Almost 26 Years Ago)

3314 Tate St. location doesn’t match up with a building footprint. Is that building it?
The vacant building with the oldest notice date, from nearly 26 years ago, is 3314 Tate St. in the very strange, industrial spot in Fairfield. The only structure I see near this address is set back farther from the road than I anticipated based on the building footprints available from the city. The vacant building database is supposedly updated every two weeks (with the latest update being March 21, 2016), so I’m unclear as to whether there is still a cleaning issue or if I’m missing some info about this property.

1810 Appleton St. (Notice Date 23 Years Ago)

Just a couple blocks down from Freddie Gray's projects. Behind a tree in Google's Street View, can't tell much about this one.

2037 Hollins St. (Notice Date 23 Years Ago)

Well doesn't that look like Baltimore? Boarded up formstone row home. Interesting case though - the surrounding row homes look like they've been renovated based on the new windows.

323 S. Calhoun St. (Notice Date 22 Years Ago)

Again, classic Baltimore, both in terms of architecture and vacancy.

108 S. Stockton St. (Notice Date Almost 22 Years Ago)

From what I can tell, 108 S. Stockton isn't one of the row homes immediately at this corner, but one of the ones with a slightly higher roofline. Both this one and 323 S. Calhoun are in somewhat marginal neighborhoods (Union Square and Hollins Market), sandwiched between University of Maryland and much more rampant blight.

Data obtained from Open Baltimore.
Analysis conducted using Excel and Google Maps. Analysis files can be found here.

A Tour of the Oldest Vacants in Baltimore - April 7, 2016 - Justin Elszasz