The Work

Below you’ll find a repository of my recent work, including articles, presentations, code, and datasets.

Articles and Discussions

DC Transportation Techies meetup. July 28, 2015. highlights work at Baltimore Data Day. July 13, 2015.
Baltimore Data Day. July 10, 2015.
Analysis listed in sample iPython notebooks. June 8, 2015. spotlights vacant lot and building analysis. June 4, 2015.
“Bad Ass(umptions)” at Baltimore Python meetup. May 21, 2015.
Apps Are Not The Answer” at Hack Baltimore meetup. May 14, 2015. article about The Training Set. April 21, 2015.


iPython Notebooks

Baltimore Civic/Open data

Baltimore Police Department Salaries and Overtime
Baltimore Vital Signs: A socio-economic map using Principal Component Analysis and K-Means Clustering

Energy Analysis

Analysis of Demand-Side Storage Model
Demand-side Storage and BGE Residential TOU Pricing
Comparing New and Old Apartments
Support Vector Regression for Predicting Electricity Consumption
Electricity Consumption Autocorrelation
Smart Meter Data and Weather
Smart Meter Data Exploratory Data Analysis

Datasets and Sources

Electricity Usage Data for My Apartment(s)
Green Button Sample Data
OpenBaltimore (Baltimore City Open Data)

Python and Pandas

I use Python with the Pandas library as my scientific programming language. I used to do a lot of Matlab, but software licenses are a barrier for people to experiment and innovate. The Pandas library is a really good toolkit for working with time series data. I use iPython notebooks extensively for experimenting and documenting as I go.


You can find most of my recent work on Github.

The Work - Justin Elszasz